Welcome To The Conversation Project!

Thank you for stopping by our little home for conversation and light debate of news and current events on the internet.

The Conversation Project (aka ThisIsTheConversation.com) is a website that harnesses the power of social media and aggregates the best (and some of the worst) the trending topics across the internet and provides a place for people to have great conversations on those topics.

And it really is powered by you and your daily social media activity. You can follow us on Facebook at ThisIsTheConversation (make sure you make our page a default for your feed) and on Twitter at th_conversation. As you go about your daily life checking in on social media, take a moment to check us out at well!

Every 50 minutes or so, we post links from varous news source on a varity of trending topics. If a story pops up in your feed that catche your eye, just engage with the post! Based on the platform, just like, love, hate, laugh, cry, reply, or share.

The more engagement a story gets from you out there on the internet, the higher the ranking it gets in the conversation we’ll have on them.

There are three ways we present our most conversational stories:
The Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast gives a review of the Top Ten and Bottom Five stories posted from a 7 and a half day range of Friday to Friday morning-ish. Published every Saturday.
The Eight Things To Talk About Email Newsletter give you a morning update on the most conversational stories so that you start your day with something to say. Monday’s newsletter gives you the top topics from the past weekend, Tuesday through Thursday give you the 36 hours.
– Coffee & Conversations Livestreams give me a chance to be more conversational and be more opinionated with more stores that don’t make it to the weekend for the podcast.

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